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Financial Institutions in Alaska

To be honest, Alaska is not very rich in financial institutions. Therefore, you may have to make an effort to find what is closest to you. Or a financial institution that matches your needs and wants. 

Here are some of the largest financial institutions in Alaska: 

Banking Securities. Banking Securities regulates state depository and non-depository financial institutions, administers and enforces Alaska’s financial services laws, and provides information for consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, and regulated industries. They have three primary functional areas; licensing, examinations, and enforcement.

Alaska USA Financial Center. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial services cooperative providing members’ service, value, and convenience. With a full range of financial services, members have everything in one place, including checking and savings accounts, consumer loans, and credit cards. 

First National Bank Alaska Corporate. The bank’s multi-part mission is to safe keep depositors’ money, provide all legitimate financial services to the community consistent with bank resources, furnish employees with competitive salaries and a pleasant working environment, and earn a proper return for shareholders. In 2022, Alaska Business readers voted First National the “Best of Alaska Business” in the Best Place to Work category for the seventh year in a row and Best Bank/Credit Union for the second year running.

Northern Skies Federal Credit Union. Northern Skies Federal Credit Union is committed to providing quality financial services for our members with a signature touch. The union’s goal is not only to meet but to exceed customers’ expectations of the union. Northern Skies Federal Credit Union offers a variety of financial services, including savings and checking accounts, time deposits, secured and unsecured loans, direct deposit, electronic transfers, and 24-hour account access via telephone or personal computer. 

Northrim Bank. Northrim began as a small group with a big idea and turned into a start-up bank operating from a trailer in a parking lot, then grew into a trusted, statewide financial institution. Northrim’s founders knew that Alaska needed a new type of bank – a strong, independent, local bank with community and customer service at its heart. Today, Northrim has matured from a small community bank with 21 employees, one branch, and $8 million in assets to an active, engaged community leader with well over 400 employees, branches from Fairbanks to Southeast Alaska, residential mortgage origination offices across the state, and more than $2 billion in assets. 

Nuvision Credit Union. Nuvision values were forged in the factories and plants that prospered in the region. At its core are a commitment to strength, independence, and discipline. A belief is that a better life is always possible if you work hard enough. Not just for yourself but for future generations to come. From a new car to a first home, college savings to a secure retirement, Nuvision helped to make hundreds of thousands of dreams possible. Nuvision Credit Union’s values remain constant, and the product and service portfolio continues evolving at market speed. Nuvision Credit Union’s goal is always to assist its members at every stage, with personal service and trust at the forefront. True North Federal Credit Union. True North Federal Credit Union is a leading Alaska credit union offering various financial solutions, including accounts, mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, personal loans, and more. True North Federal Credit Union is a member-owned and locally managed credit union that provides quality financial solutions for its Alaskan members. True North is dedicated to improving the economic well-being of the members, employees, and communities it serves. The union provides members with meaningful and innovative financial solutions at every point in their financial journey.

1F Cash Advance in Alaska. 1F Cash Advance aims to provide Alaskans with accessible and convenient short-term cash advances. Their focus might be on speed and ease of application, allowing you to get the financial help you need quickly. It’s important to carefully review loan terms and conditions before applying, to ensure they align with your financial needs and repayment abilities.

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