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Big Lake Chamber of Commerce

New lender in Alaska

We are glad to welcome a new lender in Alaska. AmeriSave opens its doors to all Alaskans. We are pleased that the state will provide even more opportunities for our residents to improve their financial situation.

During the opening, the head of AmeriSave outlined their goals and aspirations:

“We want to make life easier and better for the people of Alaska. That’s why we are ready to provide loans not only to people with a good credit history. You can’t cross out the financial lives of those who may have made a mistake. We believe in second chances and are happy to provide them!” Patrick Markert, head of AmeriSave, said.

AmeriSave positions itself as a lender ready to help anyone in need, so it also promises to approve loans for people with bad credit. 

AmeriSave offers payday loans, personal loans, student loans, car loans, and title loans. Although the lender prefers to work with unsecured loans, they are also willing to consider providing a secured loan. AmeriSave aims to make loans affordable for everyone; therefore, they strive to provide a flexible service and a personal approach to each borrower. 

“We sincerely believe we can offer the right loan for everyone who needs it. And this does not depend on the amount of the loan or the period that our clients need to repay it. So everyone who turns to us for help should receive it,” emphasized Markert.

We hope that AmeriSave will keep all its promises and become a reliable creditor for the people of Alaska. In the end, it’s always good to have a choice and compare several options to choose the best one.

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