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Big Lake Chamber of Commerce

Meet the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors

The Big Lake Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of increasing prosperity by facilitating the growth of existing businesses, while promoting the establishment, continuation and or improvement of the social, professional, civic, cultural and educational environment to create a better climate for attracting even more business and industry.

Dan Mayfield- President
Active: 1/14-12/16 (1)
Big Lake Trails, Inc.

Mike Kangas – Vice President
Active: 1/15-12/17 (1)
Alaska Industrial Hardware

Jodi Riddell – Treasurer
Active: 1/16-12/18 (1)
Clever Container

Richard Kirk – Secretary
Active: 1/14-12/16 (1)
Cell 317-7103
Hilda’s Barbershop

Director – Tim Caraway
Active: 1/13-12/17 (2)
Home     892-7068
Cell        232-2898
Individual Membership

Director – Margret Billinger
Active: 4/13-12/15 (1)
Jack White Realty

Director – Jaime Estes
Active: 2/15-12/16 (1)

Director – VACANT
Active: 1/15-12/17 (1)

Director – VACANT
Active: 11/15 -12/16 (1

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